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Faro is a tattoo studio located at Jääkärinkatu 5 in beautiful Ullanlinna, Helsinki, within a short walking distance from the city center.  

We are passionate about art and tattooing and our specialty is creating aesthetically beautiful custom made tattoos with an artistic touch for our clients.

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Paula Marin
I have been a full-time tattoo artist since I started my career at the end of 2016. My work is not limited by one style, subject matter or technique - I like to keep my work versatile. I prefer to do medium to large scale work where I get to create detailed imagery with a nice flow and story telling elements.
Styles: Illustrative, Neotraditional, Realism, Blackwork, Colour and Black & Gray

HP Santoro

I worked as an illustrator for 13 years and then decided to move on to tattooing in 2015, my style is inspired in the Pre Raphaelite movement and classical drawing, paintings and illustrations. Black and Grey,  Illustrative, Blackwork and Ornamental are the styles I relate to the most and really love doing some Freehand with markers.
Styles: Illustrative, Ornamental, Blackwork, Dotwork
Vega Hägglund
I've been tattooing professionally since 2015, and wouldn't change it to anything. I'm especially  happy to do tattoos related to the beauty and bizarreness of nature, mythology , magic, plants and animals. My personal style in tattooing includes organic shapes and lines, muted colours or good old black, with neotraditional and art nouveau vibes.  Feel free to send inquiries also about other art related commissions.
Styles: Illustrative, Colour and Black & Gray



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